Due to COVID-19, our fulfillment center is closed. Most of our products are unavailable, but limited run, preorder, and print products will ship on time from RTS HQ.

With COVID-19 affecting businesses across the country, our main fulfillment center in Washington is closed for two weeks. Many of our products are currently unavailable/hidden on the website until they reopen.

Limited items, preorders, and prints will ship on time from RTS HQ in Baltimore where we are exercising every precaution to ensure your safety and ours. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and stay safe!


Tastes AMAZING. Just love, love, love this new tea!! Can't wait till I can get more!


OMG SO AMAZING! The owner is incredibly sweet and all the teas I got in my order taste heavenly


A tasty blend that makes me want to read - and continue to indulge in more cups!


Wonderful magical tea!! I highly recommend this shop and look forward to getting more tea.