Tea Blend Renaming Guide

We've sold many tea blends over the years, and sometimes they've changed faces!  Below is a list of some old favorites and their current names.

Old Name Old Collection Current Name Current Collection
Bill Potts Doctor Who Path of the Chariot Coven: Golden Dawn
Blank Page Writer Recovery the Star Coven: Golden Dawn
Bowtruckle Brew Fantastic Teas the Triple Goddess Coven: True Twilight
Defense Against the Dark Arts Auror Tea Society Spring 2018 Box the Witch's Harvest Classic Collection
Don't Blink Doctor Who Rule of Three Coven: Golden Dawn
Help Will Hannibal Raising the Cone of Power Coven: Golden Dawn
Lucky Snitch Quidditch Collection the Bubbling Cauldron Classic Collection
Mallorn Elven Realms 2019 RTS Box the Queen of Wands Coven: True Twilight
Quaffle & Bludger Quidditch Collection Asleep in the Orchard Coven: True Twilight
Skelegro Spirits Halloween 2016 the Empress Coven: True Twilight
Spectator Spirits Quidditch Collection Ace of Swords

Coven: Golden Dawn

Unseen Seer Fantastic Teas A Candle Blue and Burning

Coven: True Twilight

Will Hannibal Jaws of the Lion Coven: Golden Dawn
You're Just As Sane Luna Collection Four of Swords Coven: True Twilight