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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Who is Riddle’s Tea Shoppe?

Where is Riddle's Tea Shoppe located?

Who does the art and design for your product?

Can I be a rep/brand ambassador for you?

About the Tea

Is your tea vegan?

Is your tea sugar free?

Is your tea kosher?

Do you sell sample sizes?

Will you carry larger sizes?

How do you blend tea?

How do you choose what you make a tea for?

I've seen your tea in ____ box! Where can I buy it?

Quarterly Boxes

What is the Quarterly Box?

Where can I purchase your Quarterly Box?

What is the difference between Death Eaters Tea Club and The Auror Tea Society?

Are the items the same in one box as it is in another--if I buy DETC Summer, will the tea be the same as Auror Summer?

Will you offer boxes from different fandoms?

Can I buy past Quarterly box products?

Wholesale & Custom Orders

I'm an individual, will you create a blend for me?

What kind of projects will you work on?

Returns, Shipping & Other Issues

When will my order ship?

What if my package is lost?

Can I return tea to you if it's not my cup of tea?

Can I return my Quarterly Box?