Over the years, we've had the good fortune to work with many other companies, providing tea and artwork for subscription boxes and other projects.  We've had a lot of fun creating flavors to fit each project's theme, and we know you've enjoyed them, too!

Tea blends that we provide for other companies are always exclusive blends, and as such they are not available outside of that project.  In some cases, there are limited quantities available from the company.  Owlcrate & Owlcrate Jr. will often do this, and you can find our products on their website here.

 Here's a look back at some of our past collaborations!


Item Company Date
Parisian Misfits OwlCrate December 2021
Capaill Uisce Cuppa OwlCrate November 2021
Autumn Enchantment Bookish Box October 2021
Ellingham Academy Brew OwlCrate August 2021
Leonora's Magical Mischief Tea Sample OwlCrate Jr. January 2021
Nectar of the Gods Tea Sample OwlCrate January 2021
Waking from a Thaw Tea Sample OwlCrate December 2020
Florean Fortescue's Chocolate Raspberry Tea Tin LitJoyCrate October 2020
Misommar SommarBlend Unplugged Book Box August 2020
Fire Flower Power-Up Tea Sample OwlCrate Jr. July 2020
Simon's Sour Cherry Scones Tea Sample OwlCrate July 2020
Dormouse Dessert Brew Tea Sample Unplugged June 2020
Summer Scares Tea Sample Night Worms June 2020
A Study in Tea Tea Sample Frostbeard February 2020
Circe's Elixir Tea Sample Bookish Box February 2020
Bag End Blend Tea Tin Tookish September 2019
Gillyweed Tea Sample Owlcrate Jr. September 2019
Golden Trio Tea Sample Nerdy Post September 2019
Sea Witch Tea Sample Owlcrate August 2019
Dragon's Oasis LitJoyCrate August 2019
Call Me By Your Name Tea Sample Unplugged Book Box June 2019
Greywaren Tea Sample Unplugged Book Box June 2019
Mr. Tumnus Tea Sample Unicorn Crate June 2019
Lemony Snicket Book Stack Book Sleeve Illustration ShelfLoveCrate May 2019
Shatter Me Enamel Pin Unplugged Book Box April 2019
Dr. Jekyll’s Serum Tea Sample ShelfLoveCrate February 2019
Enchanted Fandoms Box (February 2019) Jareth’s Peach Dream Tea Enchanted Fandoms Box February 2019
Halliwell Manor Illustrated Print The Box of Shadows (Charmed Official) January 2019
Faerie Fruit Tea Sample Owlcrate x Holly Black January 2019
Storm’s A Brewin’ Tea Sample Owlcrate Jr January 2019
Rivendell Blend Tea Sample Unicorn Crate November 2018
Borgin & Burkes Illustration Nerdy Post November 2018
Winterfell Tea Sample Enchanted Fandoms Box November 2018
Candle Label Illustrations: Treebeard & The Last Stand Tookish  Candle Co Box September 2018
Hideo Tanaka Tea Sample Fanmail September 2018
Candle Label Illustrations Tookish Candle Co Box July 2018
Bravery Brew Tea Sample Owlcrate Jr July 2018
Space Whale Illustrated Print Owlcrate July 2018
Apple Picking at Midnight Tea Sample Owlcrate June 2018
A Study in Friendship Tea Sample Whimsify Box March 2018
Grisha Special Blend Tea Sample The Bookish box March 2018
Candle Label Illustrations Tookish Candle Co Box February 2018
Grimm's Fairy Tales Illustrated Mug Fairyloot February 2018
Draco Malfoy Tea Sample Enchanted Book Box December 2017
Gorgeous Weapons Illustrated Book Sleeve FairyLoot November 2017
Tale as Old as Time Illustrated Buttons YA Chronicles October 2017
Sherwood Forest Tea Sample OwlCrate October 2017
Night Circus Tea Sample Whimsify Box July 2017
Alice in Wonderland Illustrated Bookmark Nerdy Post July 2017
Wonderland Elixir Tea Tin OwlCrate November 2016