Wooden Ouija Coaster


Not sure how long to steep?  Ask the spirits!  Add this Ouija Board inspired coaster to your tea ritual. 

Coaster is approximately 4" x 6", cut from 1/4" hardwood maple.  Mini planchette is approximately 1.75" x 2", and is cut from 1/8" hardwood maple. 

White coaster comes with driftwood planchette; driftwood coaster comes with white planchette; red coaster comes with grey planchette; pink coaster comes with white planchette.  RTS logo is lightly engraved on the back.

**Limited Run Halloween Coasters come with a black planchette featuring an exclusive bat design.

*In the first run of these coasters, the ornaments in the four corners were cut through.  These ornaments are now etched, like the rest of the design.  When photographed, they look indistinguishable.