DETC 80's Themed Winter Formal - Winter 2018


Ever wondered what it would look like if Slytherin House held a Winter Formal, and it was sponsored by the Death Eaters Tea Club, and the whole thing took place in the 80s?


Spoiler card from inside the box:

Slughorn’s Party Punch: The Slug Club has offered their special blend of decaf fruity punch for our dance!
Totally Chai: Totally delicious. Totally five tea bags worth.
Holiday Rad Remix: Five more tea bags of this, like, really good cranberry blend.
DETC Sunglasses: Look super sweet in these awesome shades provided by the Death Eaters Tea Club.
Winter Formal Ornament: Hang this on your tree to remember what a bitchin’ time you had every year!
Bellatrix Dress-Up Doll Print: Get Bellatrix ready for the dance by choosing your favorite outfit!
Weird Sisters Enamel Pin: Everyone’s favorite wizard band just dropped a new album. Grab it on cassette tape now!
DETC Sticker: Pop this sticker on your locker or Trapper Keeper!

Photo credits 1: @fictionandfae
2-3: @bookhoarderproblems
4-5: @estherthreetimes
6-7: @thebookferret