DETC Autumn/Occult - Autumn 2018


For the Death Eaters' first foray into the spookiest season, we leaned hard into the occult aspect of magic.  Think Lucius Malfoy starring in The Witch, or a young Tom Riddle caught up in Hereditary.


From the spoiler card inside the box:

Merope’s Embrace - A mother’s love in a decaf tea blend.
Drink of Despair - Not hand nor charm nor siphon can contain the fiery spice of this tea. Three tea bags included.
Obscurus Dust - Do not suppress your love for this dark tea blend. Three tea bags included.
Borgin’s Finest All-Purpose Ritual Candle - A superior wizard never goes anywhere without Borgin’s Finest. A dreadfully perfect collaboration with Tookish Candle Company.
Morsmordre Pin - Pin somewhere safe to keep this dark spell close to your heart.
Riddle’s Tea Shoppe Planchette Coaster - May your beverages be dark and magical and your spaces kept safe from evil spills with this wooden planchette designed by DETC in partnership with Juniper and Ivy Designs.
The Magician Tarot Card - The Dark Lord bids you to seek your full potential in this historical, artistic rendering. Use this card to aid in your readings.
DETC Sticker - Something a little dark to dampen your delightful days.

Photo credits 1-3: @theswash.buckler
4-5: @fictionandfae
6-7: @mythoughtsareabook
8: @chezmelodie
9: @thebookferret