Tea is Magic Stoneware Sigil Mug


Let the sigil on this mug imbue your tea with an extra dash of magic.

Each of these gorgeous stoneware mugs is handcrafted by Deneen Pottery, so the look of each mug will vary slightly!  Available in black with a red glaze (Campfire), black with a hunter glaze (Forest) sage with a burgundy glaze (Sage), plum with a burgundy glaze (Plum), and black with galaxy glaze (Galaxy).
Material: Stoneware
Finish: Glazed
Care and Cleaning: Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe & Freezer Safe!
12 oz mug; Stone logo on front, blank on back
Approx: 3" wide; 4.5" tall; 4.75" wide, with the mug handle.