ATS Autumn/1970s - Autumn 2018


The Auror Tea Society celebrated the colors of Autumn, and the retro vibes of the vintage witch.


From the spoiler card inside the box:

Deathday Party Punch Tea - Help Nick celebrate another year with this deathly delicious decaf draught.
Mad Eye’s Apple Tea - You’ll want to keep an eye on this cinnamon apple blend--it’s suspiciously tasty. 3 tea bags included.
Puddifoot’s Pumpkin Tea - You can’t have autumn without some pumpkin in your mug, so find a cozy nook and enjoy this tea. 3 tea bags included.
Three Broomsticks Autumn Spice - The house spice mixture of your favorite magical pub is sure to add a dash of delight!
Autumn In A Bottle Print - Crispy leaves and fall vibes are captured in this new and highly popular potion.
Godric’s Hollow Pin - Remember your spooky tour of this famous town with a fashionable enamel pin.
Madam Hooch’s Broomstick Wax - Light this candle scented like your favorite broomstick wax to fill your home with warmth. A brilliant collaboration with Tookish Candle Company.
ATS Sticker - Bring autumn with you everywhere with this far out sticker.


Photo credits 1-3: @estherthreetimes
4: @kmbooks24
5-6: @chezmelodie
7: @theswash.buckler
8-9: @fictionandfae