Sinister Steepings Tea Tins


Horror has entranced us from childhood, painting shadows in the corners of our minds and giving teeth to the unspoken fears in our dreams.  We hope these teas bring you comfort on dark and stormy nights.

Each tin has 30g of tea and will allot for 10-12 cups. Use 1 tsp per cup.

Vegan friendly; Contains caffeine.

🩸 The Undying Thirst of the Vampire (Vanilla Cream & Blood Orange)[Decaf]

Ingredients: Decaf ceylon tea, orange, rose hips, hibiscus, natural creme flavor, natural orange flavor, white cornflowers & natural vanilla flavor.
Steep at 212°F for 4 mins.

🐙 The Eldritch Horror Beyond the Cupboard (Chocolate Earl Grey & Caramel)

Ingredients: Black tea, orange, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, natural caramel flavor, natural bergamot flavor, cocoa nibs, natural creme flavor & natural chocolate flavor.
Steep at 212°F for 3 mins.

🏚️ The Haunting of Tea House (English Breakfast & Cream)

Ingredients: Black tea, natural creme flavor & ceylon.
Steep at 212°F for 3 mins.


Sinister Steepings teas separately from other items in the shoppe.