DETC - Spring 2018


Even the Death Eaters can appreciate when the flowers are blooming and spring is in the air!


From the spoiler card inside the box:

Basilisk Egg Tea: With a bite as dangerous as the Basilisk, we present ten gourmet tea bags inside a decorative egg canister.
Venomous Tentacula Tea Sample: Decaf and deadly, don’t let this soothing tea make you too comfortable. Danger creeps nearby...
Devil’s Snare Tea Sample: Take care not to struggle as you try this bold, black tea made with suffocating care.
Unicorn Blood: Said to prolong life, but at a cost, do you dare sweeten your cup with this not-so-simple syrup?
Sectumsempra Bookmark: Keep your enemies at bay as you pore through the latest edition of Curses Monthly.
Chamber of Secrets in Springtime Print: This charming depiction of the Chamber of Secrets pays homage to the great Salazar Slytherin.
Unforgivable Curse Enamel Pin: Wear your support for the darker arts with style, flair, and a hint of sparkle!
DETC Sticker: Add a bit of spring to any surface with the latest floral Death Eaters Tea Club logo.


Photo credits 2: @kmbooks24
3: @bookhoarderproblems
4-6: @fictionandfae
7-8: @chezmelodie
9: @mythoughtsareabook