Fellowship Festival 2022 - Coming Soon


What better way to celebrate our favorite heroes than a festival in their honor? Our Fellowship Festival box will be available for sale soon, with each item a celebration of our four fellowship friends. 

This Tolkien-inspired box will include four teas and other delightful goodies we've crafted especially for this event. We'll have more details available when the box goes up for sale, but you can peruse our past boxes for a look at the types of items we've included in previous boxes.

As with all of our boxes, the fun is in the surprise of what lies inside, so we won't reveal spoilers beforehand.


More information about our boxes:

Since 2017, Riddle's Tea Shoppe has released boxes several times a year, each curated with new and exclusive products.  Each item in a box is designed by the team at Riddle's Tea Shoppe, and each box features new tea blends in addition to themed items such as pins, wooden bookmarks and coasters, and more. 

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