Elven Realms of Middle Earth - Spring 2019


We visited our first and favorite fandom, the world of Tolkien.  This box focused on the Elves of Middle Earth.


Spoiler card from inside the box:

The Tea:
Mallorn: A decaf blend reminiscent of a day in Lothlorien with a hint of flowers to uplift the tender
peach and apple flavors.
Miruvor: This oolong blend boasts rich maple tones, sweet cloves, and a touch of safflower to
create a blend worthy of the Elves.
Niphredil: A white and green tea blend sweetened with vanilla and pears and a touch of
elderflower to help pay homage to the tender niphredil flowers.

The Pins:
Rivendell: The Evenstar reimagined in silver tones with soft and strong elements entwined for a
celestially-inspired homage to Arwen.
Lothlórien: The mallorn leaf as a mighty shield in gold tones to show Lothlórien as both robust and
Mirkwood: The glorious woodland crown of Thranduil emblazoned in copper tones with a style
both regal and unyielding.

The Prints:
The Wild of Mirkwood full of danger and magic with mushrooms and creatures lurking in the
The Light of Lothlórien and home to Galadriel whose luminous presence can set the dark ablaze.
The Stars of Rivendell over the gentle water running through the safe and enchanting valley.

Photo credits 2: @acouplereads
3: @fictionandfae
4: @estherthreetimes
5: @chezmelodie
6: @mybookishbones