Riddle's Tea Shoppe Autumn Magic - Autumn 2019


For this box, we celebrated the magic of Autumn, and designed its products for the rustic witch in all of us.


Spoiler card from inside the box:

A Steady Calm: an arrangement of herbs and fruit to soothe your spirit.
An Enchantment of Crisp Mornings: an apple tea for a touch of sweet.
A Pumpkin Along the Path: to usher in the perfect autumn.
A Charm Burning in the Dark: to light the darkest nights.
A Cloth to Cleanse: for magical and mischievous messes.
A Glimmer of Moonlight: a shimmery print of witchy wonder.
A Curio to Enchant: and proclaim your specialized magic: tea.
A Keepsake of Delight: to admire, affix, and enjoy.

Photo credits 2-4: @chezmelodie
5: @estherthreetimes
6-11: @ambiatethebooks