DETC Garden Party - Summer 2019


Our favorite Death Eaters throw a Garden Party, and you're invited!  


Spoiler card from inside the box:

Wicked Wildflower Pyramid Tea Bags
Seven tea bags in a handsome tin, this blend is light and floral, and caffeine-free so serving it in the evening won’t cost your guests their sleep!
Poison Petal Looseleaf Tea
Containing almond and cream flavorings with rose petals, this elegant blend will impress your most discerning guests.
Black Magic Bloom Looseleaf Tea
Earl Grey, lavender, and caramel will bring a soothing aroma to your tables, and will also work splendidly as an ingredients in in Earl Grey-infused scones.
Death Eaters Tea Club Officially Licensed Tea Towel
An exquisite addition to your serving tray.
Bumblegrist Farms Honey Sticks
Wildflower-infused honey to elevate the taste and style of your beverages.
Death Eaters Brooch
Display your status as the party’s host and your allegiance to the dark arts simultaneously with this ornate pin.
Durmstrang Botanical Gardens Keepsake Postcard
Send a very special thank you to a guest for attending your party.

Photo credits 1-9: @estherthreetimes 
10: @fictionandfae